I hope that the situation in Iraq will calm down

29 Aug 2022 7:41 AM

From the bottom of my heart, I hope that the situation in Iraq will calm down and that all parties will resort to dialogue and negotiations. Because what is happening is a great danger. If war breaks out, God forbid, be assured that after years of fighting and more destruction in the country and the loss of tens of thousands of lives, everyone will resort to the same dialogue that they could have had at the present time without destroying our homeland and killing thousands.

Also, I want to remind everyone, that dictatorship, deep crises, massive problems, do not just happen suddenly. They accumulate as a result of many previous actions and many smaller cases, until they finally explode.

All because of our silence and our disregard for it. The silence of the domestic side (the people and the political forces), and the silence of the international community, which allows individuals, parties and states to become more and more terrible and dictatorial.

What is happening in Baghdad will happen one day in the Kurdistan Region, because over the past 31 years, problems have been piling up, tyrants are getting bigger and bigger, and corruption is increasing more and more.