“The Prime Minister of Iraq, Mohammed Shia Sudani, and Shaswar Abdul Wahid met to discuss the salaries of regional employees.

8 Oct 2023 3:09 PM

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Sudani met with Shaswar Abdul Wahid, the head of the New Generation Movement, and approved the project to pay the salaries of regional employees through the Commercial Bank of Iraq.

During the meeting, Shaswar Abdul Wahid presented the project to Mohammed Shia Sudani, who approved it and referred it to parliament.

In the past two days, the New Generation Faction in the Iraqi parliament presented a project to distribute the salaries of KRG employees directly through the Commercial Bank of Iraq, and several parliamentarians from different factions in the region and Iraq signed the project.

In the New Generation project, every salary-earner in the region will be given a bank account from the Commercial Bank of Iraq, which also has branches in the region, and will receive their monthly salary.”