About the salaries of employees, Shaswar Abdul Wahid and Muhammad Shia Sudani met.

15 Dec 2023 1:49 PM

Shaswar Abdul Wahid met in Baghdad with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Sudani and discussed the situation in the region and the financial rights and entitlements of the region's taxpayers.

During the meeting, the Iraqi Prime Minister told Shaswar Abdul Wahid that a few days ago, the government said, "They are ready to send the money of the three salaries to the region, but how should Baghdad deal with you legally when they do not fulfill our demands and do not meet Baghdad's demands."

At the same meeting, Sudani revealed to Shaswar Abdul Wahid that the solution to the region's salary problem is the entire budget law and transferring the salaries of employees to the governor's expenses. At that time, the salaried people of the region will be paid their salaries monthly.

He added: "After the election of the provincial councils, they will start taking all the budget measures to solve the problem."

Meanwhile, Shaswar Abdul Wahid also discussed the importance of solving the region's salary problem with the Prime Minister of Iraq.

Earlier, Shaswar Abdul Wahid met several times with the Iraqi prime minister and discussed the political situation in Iraq and the problems of the region and Baghdad.